About Us

Thank you for stopping by our store; ~ we hope you love it as much as we do! Bestow was borne out of an evening with friends, a whole lot of research and a desire to help others in their businesses. While spending the evening at a holiday party with several close friends, we listened to several brokers, agents and an executive share tales of their struggles with finding unique and interesting gifts to be delivered new homeowners, and even those who just sold a home! We could not believe that there wasn’t an online boutique for those in the real estate space to choose from a variety of beautiful gifts for their clients ~ but there wasn’t!

And so began the idea for Bestow…..A Mindful Approach to Gift Giving. Our boutique is the ideal online source for real estate brokers, agents, mortgage professionals and beyond to find unique gifts for all their clients. At Bestow, we have carefully procured items for every style and budget. Once you experience the personal products and elegant service offered by Bestow, you will want to return time and time again for all your gift-giving needs.

Giving back is a core value for us, and we have a passion to make a difference while building our business which serves a niche market that has been vastly underrepresented. As we build and grow our business, we also build relationships with individuals in need. Autism Speaks is the largest autism advocacy organization in the United States. A portion of every sale through this site goes to support Autism Speaks, and the organization's goal of making 2020 the "Year of Kindness" for people with autism ~ and a bold goal of 1 million acts of kindness.

Hi, I’m Jenn Rogers- a Spanish Professor by trade, a mom of four daughters and wife to my husband of 24 years, Scott. “Gift giving” is one of my love languages and I’m always looking for the perfectly fitting gift for any and every occasion! Searching through catalogs, online retail sites, Pinterest and Etsy, I am often known to bring the gift that is just right for the person who receives it. Bestow is truly a creative passion and outlet for me and I can’t wait to share our unique and mindful approach to gift-giving through this space.

Hello, I’m Chris Duffy- a CPA who spent over 9 years with Ernst & Young and then as CFO of a prestigious law firm in Chicago for 7 years. I am married to my husband, Dan for 25 years and we have 5 pretty awesome sons. I am beyond excited to help real estate professionals by providing their clients with very special and unique celebratory gifts. And….what a relief for agents and brokers ~ one thing off their list, with a trusted source! Of course, giving back to the community through Autism Speaks is so important to me and my partner, Jenn. Cheers and thank you for taking the time to visit our site.